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 After retirement from twenty five years as an educator, Nancy has found the time, energy and motivation to explore a lifelong fascination with the art of photograph.  Her technique and vision have been evolving over the past five years and continue to be a work in progress. Nancy has found direction and inspiration in the hands on experience and feedback she has received in her course work at the International Center of Photography in NYC.
The mystery of black and white photography captivates her attention. She is motivated by the beauty in rich tonal contrasts. The shapes, lines and textures uncovered in the starkness of monochrome spark the imagination. Where it leads, what it means and why it captures the eye is open to interpretation.
The love of travel leads to photographs that explore the color of people, places and things capturing the essence of place. The simple object becomes extraordinary.  The partial view leads to interpretation. The human expression tells a story.  A fondness of nature, a restless desire to travel and a love of solitude guide her vision.